Abby W.



Abby Weisgard
Display designer, stylist, window decorator.
Born in New York City. Now living in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Abby Weisgard does window display and decoration as well as freelancing as a photostylist, interior decorator, and she coordinates events and exhibitions.

Commissioned to do the visual presentation for the promotion of some Estée Lauder products, Workshop and display for L’Oréal, Anniversary celebration for Siemens, display for GN Resound, decoration of Poggenpohl’s showroom in Copenhagen.

Photo styling for many brochures and catalogues.

Many years extensive freelance work as photostylist, interiour-design consultant, and contributor for many Danish design magazines such as Bo Bedre.

Special assignments:

2012 – 2016
Window display for the jewelry designer Barbara Maria

Iinterior design and window display for hairdresser, Dorthe C.

Window and interior design for Beauty and Makeup

Design consultation and display ideas to promote Kérastase products for L’Oréal

Design consultant for Aldershvile Plant Nursery

Christmas decoration for the Real Estate Company, NyBolig by Martin Enemærke

Window display for delicacy food shop Kaffe D’Or in Allerød

Christmas exhibition for Copenhagen’s Airport in collaboration with Mikkel Sonne

Consultant work for the exhibition at The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art ”
The Magicain of the Modern: The Art of Leonard Weisgard”

Design concept and display for three Rebecca Minkoff windows in Illum on the walking street of Copenhagen

Workshop, concept development and decoration for L’Oréal to promote Kératase Sun products.

Decoration of Poggenpohl’s showroom in Copenhagen.

Interior decoration of a bus for People’s Press to promote Peer Kaae’s new book: The Double Murder on Peter Bangs Vej.

Decoration of special “Pop up” windows in Illums Bolighus for “I’m a Kombo” a kind of guerilla restaurant concept.

Design consultation and decoration for Royal Copenhagen’s annual Christmas tables in collaboration with Visual Art Director Maria Batko Larsen.

Decoration of Frederiksberg’s annual Christmas Market.

Concept development and decoration for Gebr. Heinemann in the tax free area of the Copenhagen Airport.

Window display to celebrate PH Hertz Jewelers for The Royal Court’s 175th anniversary.

Decoration of Frederiksberg’s annual Christmas Market.

Decoration For Sæther’s press conference to promote Lancaster’s new sun products.

Decoration of Mogens Dalsgaards Concert Hall for Chanel’s press conference.

Concept development and decoration for Gebr. Heinemann in the tax-free area of Copenhagen Airport

Design consultation for the exhibition “Leonard Weisgard and Others: An Illustrator’s
Journey” Thorne-Sagendorph Gallery at Keene State University.

Design consultation for Galleri Guggen “A World of Illustration” Children’s book art by
Leonard Weisgard on the occasion of IBBY’s 31st world conference in Copenhagen about children’s books.

“Design for Life” special design assignment for the annual Gold, Silver and Watch Trade Fair in Bella Center, Copenhagen

Photo styling for various interior design magazines with photographer Michael Petersen .

Christmas decoration for Peter Hertz Jewellers to the Danish Court, Illums Bolighus in Winter Tivoli

Various Christmas parties for different companies including decoration for theme party at Copenhagen Island Hotel.

Ice Theme Party for Novo Nordisk in collaboration with Event Specialisten Creation of two 5 meter tall ice queens for stage decoration.
Photographer: Morten Thomsen
Consultant work for Jyske Bank’s marketing department, developing new visual campaigns and concepts.

Visual presentation for a historical exhibition “10 Manor House stories” Reventlow Museum Pederstrup
Design consultant for Gallery Guggen, Copenhagen.

Christmas decorations for  P. Hertz The Jewellers to the Danish Court, Illums Bolighus in Winter Tivoli and Gucci.

Consultant work and conceptualizing different”window kits” for hearing aid promotions for G.N. Resound and Beltone A/S

Visual presentation for a historical exhibition about the people who lived and worked in the manor houses on the island of Lolland from 1880-1960
In collaboration with John Erichsen and Luisa Skak Nielsen
(Reventlow Museum Pederstrup – website in Danish only)

Stylist work for an advertising campaign for the Danish company Stelton

Window display and decoration of Designers Network’s two shops in the Copenhagen area. 

Decoration of a newly opened children’s shop “ Fruenzimmer”

Extensive Christmas decoration for several companies including Illums Bolighus, P. Hertz The Jewellers to the Danish Court, Egmont and Gucci

Visual presentation for an exhibition about the history of the Danish forests at Reventlow Museum Pederstrup in collaboration with Mette Bligaard
(Reventlow Museum Pederstrup – website in Danish only)

Design of the website in collaboration with Christina Weisgard.
Participation in the exhibition “ The Picture Book Made New: Margaret Wise Brown and Her Illustratons” at The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art Amherst,
Massachusetts curated by Leonard Marcus.
Various photo shoots with Michael Thomas
Decoration of a newly opened children’s shop “ The Ant and the Cicada”

Interior design and decoration of a newly opened women’s shop “Bou Doir”

Decoration of a newly opened optician’s shop “Zimmer Optik”

Extensive Christmas decoration for several companies including Illums Bolighus and Egmont

Concept and visual presentation for the exhibition ” The Time of the Castle – Pederstrup 1858-1938”
Reventlow Museum Pederstrup 

Decoration for Egmont for Donald Duck’s 70th birthday celebration.

Various window display to celebrate the royal wedding. Window display for The Royal Jewelers P. Hertz.

Concept, coordination, and decoration for The Danish Postal Service’s stand in Forum during the annual stamp fair.

Decoration of various parties and events for Egmont.

Coordinating/decorating various promotions for Egmont at Palads Movie House. ( Lucky Luke – Finding Nemo)

Decorating for Egmont to celebrate Mickey Mouse’s 75th birthday.

Visual presentation for FDB’s conference “Food of the Future,” held at the science center “Experimentarium” north of Copenhagen.

Exhibition at the Furniture Fair (Bella Center, Copenhagen) for Danish design magazine Bo Bedre (in collaboration with Danish architect Susse Fischer).

Exhibition “A Walk Down Memory Lane” at the Danish Design Center in collaboration with Danish architect Susse Fischer. The exhibition recreated the way we’ve lived and decorated our homes for four decades (1970-2001).

Concept and coordination for Nordisk Film/Egmont Imaginations trade fair stand in Cannes.
Bo Bedre’s exhibition space at the Furniture Fair, Bella Center, Copenhagen.

Exhibition concept and interior decoration for Ferrosan’s stand at the Alt for Damerne (Danish women’s magazine) Trade Fair, Copenhagen. Promotion and display concept for Ferrosan’s new product Imedeen.

Planning and decoration for Egmont/Disney’s 50-year jubilee in Frankfurt, Germany.

Coordinating/direction in the Youth Project “Love and Demons” with artist Kit Kjærby.

Project coordinator for Copenhagen’s ” Windows of Culture,” involving eighteen different shops and eighteen different designers, artists, and set designers.

Launch of own business — freelance photostyling, interior decoration, exhibition/interior design, events (especially weddings and Christmas decorations). Clients include among others:  Bo Bedre, Gucci, Mulberry, Donaldsen.

Visual Art Director at Birger Christensen A/S, responsible for the overall image in ten different shops (including Chanel, Y.S.L. Kenzo, Caroll, Bee Cee, and shops in London and Paris)
Coordinated the “Pistolstræde” project to create activity and interest in the Pistolstræde area in Copenhagen. This involved entertainment, music, and theater during the summer and Christmas seasons from 1990 to 1992.

Assistant manager of decoration department, Illums Bolighus Center of Modern Design — responsible for numerous exhibitions, window designs, conventions, and shop decoration.

Employee representative on the Board of Directors, Illums Bolighus

Decorator. Anva department store, Copenhagen.

Prizes and Awards:

Abby Weisgard has twice received the Hindsgaul travel grant for excellence in the field of interior decoration.